5 Things to Consider when Selecting you CBD Oil

There are countless CBD oil products out on the market these days, and it’s easy to get caught up in some of the hype. A little research prior to making a purchase can avoid some issues, and even save you some money. The science on CBD is evolving daily, so it helps to be aware, and go with a brand that takes the proper steps to ensure that you get a quality product. Let’s go into a few things to look out for when choosing a CBD oil.

  1. Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum: Broad Spectrum has THC removed; Full spectrum retains the THC (under 0.3 percent by law). Something to consider for those that may have issues with THC.
  2. Dosage: CBD affects everyone to a different degree, so it’s important to be mindful of the dosage that you are getting in the product. (Start small and adjust accordingly)
  3. Source: knowing that your CBD comes from a reputable source is paramount. Quality and efficacy are key in reaping the benefits.
  4. Metals: go with products that are void of any heavy metals! 
  5. Quality of any additional ingredients: many additional ingredients and or fillers. Avoid fillers and questionable additives, if there are additional ingredients, opt for the natural choice. 

There are more things to consider beyond this list of course, but each person utilizes the oil based on their specific needs, and that requires a unique approach to research. These were some important points to cover.  The information out there is plentiful, but you want to go with a trusted company that has sustainable practices and uses pure ingredients.