How To Manage Stress

You DO NOT have to live with or carry around the pain! When you are under divine pressure (aka experiencing stress and anxiety), having a self-care or mindfulness ritual can make a HUGE difference in managing your day-to-day stress levels.⁠

We ALL have to deal with stress sometimes, which is why I created a 3-step process to help melt the stress away, simply using mindfulness and a little bit of CBD plant-power!

Walk away from any screens (computer, phone, tv) so I can pause and take deep, uninterrupted breaths to clear my head and decrease stress levels.

Massage two drops of the Renew CBD Oil into my temples, neck, and/or stomach (we often carry stress in these three areas) to ease tension.


REPEAT: I focus on what I can control & make peace with what I can't.⁠

I take things one step at a time.⁠

I release doubt and welcome faith.⁠

I wish for the greater good for myself and everybody today.⁠

I am thankful for all I have and all I will accomplish. 

Next time stress, anxiety, or tensions arise, make sure to use my 3-step process to guide you towards relaxation and ease. It can be challenging to push through when stress pops up but learning how to regulate and balance your mood is essential, so today and every day, remember to: Breathe, Massage, Affirm.