Where Our CBD Is Sourced

The CBD market is constantly growing, and there are so many options to choose from. As with any product from the Donata brand, you can be sure that the CBD offered is of the highest quality and efficacy. WH Farms Co. is where Donata’s CBD is sourced. Not only are they licensed by the USDA, but they are also a black woman owned company.

WH Farms has a rich history of cultivating hemp that goes all the way back to the 1600’s. They were known as the “hemp gatherers”, the Tuscarora people of Eastern NC. They produced hemp along the Pamlico River.  The individuals at WH Farms are committed to upholding the integrity of the work that was born so long ago. Their dedication to cultivating top tier products is evident in their words as well as their physical work.

The ideals and morals held by WH Farms Co. is one of many reasons the Donata decided to work with them. I have witnessed first-hand how meticulous they are in their approach, from far to lab. There is a great sense of unity and pride among the individuals involved, and it provides reassurance that WH Farms Co. will continue to be a mutually beneficial partnership moving forward, which will yield great results for the tribe.

May all continue to be well on your health and wellness journey.