Why did I decide to start a CBD line

So for 2 years now I’ve had this nudge to tap into the CBD industry.

I didn’t want to take that step without connecting with the right CBD Farm. I not only got to connect with the right CBD farm through WH Farms but I got to take my whole team up to the farm. It was truly a beautiful experience to see and walk on the land where our plants are grown. We also got to visit the other companies that bring the crude oil to life and the lab that tests the oils before incorporating them into our line. We learned a lot about the land where the farmers grow the plants and the deep rooted history of the area. 

What really pushed me to really grow the CBD line was a personal experience that I had with CBD.

I started to sell CBD joints in an effort to help those that like to smoke but wanted to cut down on THC. I knew the benefits of CBD in terms of helping with calming the system, anxiety and being anxious that I launched the CBD line first with the joints.

During this time I was having dizzy spells on and off. Went to the doctors they really couldn’t pinpoint what was causing the dizzy spells. During one episode I was sitting in the car with a CBD joint that I packed 2 joints in to have a customer test out. I felt led to test it out. I took 1-2 pulls of the CBD joint and went about my day. I noticed later on in the day I no longer felt dizzy. I went a few weeks until the next episode. The same thing happened. I smoked the CBD and no longer felt dizzy. Along with not feeling dizzy I also felt very calm and had less anxiety. Thank God it’s been months since having that problem.

If you can relate, grab a trial size of our CBD oil Renew and keep us posted on your journey of wellness.