Donata Skinfood FAQs

What is the difference between Donata Skinfood and Donata CBD?

Whether it’s rejuvenating the skin or renewing the mind, Donata is about pouring into the lives of others. Selling her amazing products is a blessing but what drives her most is empowering the individuals that she gets to talk to everyday. Feeding your mind through Donata CBD while feeding your skin with her Donata Skinfood products enables her to serve her purpose. 

She understands that her purpose in life is to empower others through her gift of making products and providing services. She exudes her uplifting, positive and loving energy into all that she does.

Donata CBD provides CBD products such as pre-rolls
Donata Skinfood provides Skinfood and Hairfood products

Can I purchase my Donata Skinfood and Donata CBD products together?

At this time, no, products must be ordered separately through their respective websites.