Meet Donata

A message from Donata

Sometimes what we think is a bad situation always turns out to be for our good.

I always felt I had a BIG purpose in life. Did I know what it was? No. In 2013, I was fired from the bank – long story but a good one ☺ I prayed asking what my next move should be. I was a single mom with 3 kids and totally relying on faith. I have always heard the answer, wait and don’t get a 9-5. I waited for 10 months while building my non-profit organization. It was tough, but I waited. Focusing on my self care was key during this time. 

Thinking back now I remember in my younger years praying for God to touch my hands. Looking back now that was a weird prayer to say often but I always sang this line from a song in my old church “touch these hands, make them thine and use me”. Now, many years later, it makes sense when people say I have healing hands or your products are helping with my mental and physical health. 

Did I dream of having a CBD business, NO. In waiting for my life’s purpose, Donata CBD was birthed.

Jump on this CBD journey with me as we grow and transform our skin, body and mind together.